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High quality, in-depth content and copywriting for the legal cannabis and CBD industries in Canada and the US. 

I work with companies like yours to create content and copy that speaks to your audience, gets more eyes on your website, and helps establish your brand.

If you’re involved this industry, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what an exciting time this is.

You also don’t need me to tell you how frustrating it is to be taken seriously, thanks to decades of prohibition and fear-mongering.

My mission is to help the cannabis sector establish itself as a legitimate industry. 

Fighting misinformation, countering propaganda and educating the public about the benefits of this amazing plant is going to be one of the key pieces going forward.

And it starts with companies like yours.  The industry is still hamstrung by hostile rules and regulations.  From packaging restrictions to advertising bans, standing out and gaining the legitimacy you deserve is an uphill battle.

That’s why the content and copy on your website is so important.  GOOD writing not only informs your potential customers about the benefits of cannabis, it helps you connect deeply with them.

Good writing can tell your story, engage with your target market, drive traffic to your website and grow your business organically.

Most importantly, good writing will build massive credibility and establish you as an absolute authority in the industry.

Unfortunately, good writing also takes time.  Let me do the heavy lifting for you.

By working with someone like me, you get the benefit of an expert who will take the time to understand your company, your customers, and how you want to present yourself to the world.

About me


Content Creator And Copywriter

I’ve been a professional freelance writer for over five years.  I’ve worked in a number of industries, from health & fitness to the nonprofit sector in Canada, and I’ve recently turned my full-time attention to cannabis. 

Growing up under the “prohibition era”, I’ve always known two things – a.) that this plant has tremendous health, recreational and spiritual benefits, and b.) there is NO good reason that it should remain illegal.

Now that the curtain’s been lifted and marijuana is finally going mainstream, I want to make sure that we do it right.  Decades of prohibition, anti-marijuana crusaders and propaganda have left cannabis with a black eye.  

My goal is simple – to help the new companies of this amazing industry present themselves to the world as the professional, legitimate businesses that they are. 

It’s an uphill battle – but it’s one that we can win.  

Brands I’ve Worked With

Munchies Cannabis

Munchies Cannabis

Munchies Cannabis is an independent, family-owned cannabis retailer in the heart of Ottawa.  As a family of entrepreneurs with deep roots in the community and a passion for cannabis, they’re dedicated to bringing the best legal products, providing the best education...



  Founded by counterculture enthusiasts with over 30 years experience in the world of smoking accessories, Rekt specializes in top shelf cannabis accessories, from glass bongs to their patented toothless grinders. I’m currently responsible for creating blog...

NUMO Cannabis

NUMO Cannabis

My client wanted a 500 word blog post announcing their rollout of new cannabis edibles, concentrates and other products for Legalization 2.0 in Canada.  The article also clearly laid out a guideline for responsible use, emphasizing company's compliance with Health...

Puff Puff Post

Puff Puff Post

My client, Puff Digital, is a full service digital marketing agency working within the cannabis industry.  Their brands include various publications and podcasts, as well as an online directory of companies within the newly emerging cannabis space.  Among their many...



With over 80 retail locations across Canada, Spiritleaf is a major player in the cannabis industry, and is building its reputation as the most knowledgable and trusted source of premium cannabis.  Spiritleaf strongly believes in the importance education and...


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About CBD And Sleep

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About CBD And Sleep

Sleep. It’s something that all of us do, and is an integral part of our lives and overall health. But for many people, it’s also something that plagues them. Sleep issues are some of the most commonly diagnosed disorders in the world, with health authorities...

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